July15th fishing report

  Posted on July 15, 2014

This has been a fun week of fishing for those who got involved. For starters, the big news is that Great Point opened! This is the earliest the point has been opened in years and fishermen are going there in droves and are being rewarded with blues during the day and bass in the evening time. There is no doubt to all who have spent time on island, that Great Point is a world class fishery and we are thankful that we all can use it during the prime summer months. The very tip is still closed off, as it has been for years, but most of the good fishing is around the corners anyway.
Beach Fishermen targeting Blues have had a good week with numerous fish being caught off of Madequecham and off of Nobadeer as all as the point, all day, but especially in the evenings. The other key spot for Blues off the beach is 40th pole and Dionis. The North Shore continues to hold an incredible amount of bluefish. These fish are tough for beach fishermen, but persistence gets rewarded. One friend of BFT took to his paddleboard this week at 40th pole and paddled out 100 yards and was sight fishing for blues. He had great success and was admired by many on the beach. The upside of a paddle board over the kayak is leverage and visibility. Brilliant and fun. ***see video at side.
As for as the boat, bluefish have now officially surrounded the island. Blues can be caught almost anywhere from the orth shore, to schooling in the Chord of the bay, to great point, sankaty and around the South Shore. It is incredibly fun fishing right now. Bass, like the beach are around but are tough to get to because of the blues and the warming waters. Great point and old man have produced fish this week as have the shorelines around Tuckenrnuck, Eel Point and Esther’s Island.
Bottom Fishing continues to be great with sea bass and fluke consistently being produced along the east side of the island.
Some of the most exciting fishing though has been offshore. While not 100% consistent yet there are a lot of 20-80 lb Bluefin Tuna South of the island surrounded by whales and porposies. These fish are active and have been showing on the surface for spin fishermen and have been feeding on spreader bars and daisy chains and green machines. Hot colors are whites/greens/amber. Come into the shop for more specifics or give us a call.
As for Bass from the beach, they have been pulled out of the harbor at night time, both from coatue (closer to coskata) and from Pocomo Point, but also by one intrepid boat guy. Fishermen have also consistently spoken of fish along the east side of Great Point in the late evening time as well as at night. There has also been a school of bass moving up and down the white water at Miacomet Beach for the last few days. Consistent reports have come in by surf guys, but an incedible story developed today by our friend Davey Desloge. Davey was at Miacomet with his family and saw a school of bass moving through the white water (as bass often do…) and after seeing one fish clearly just a few feet away he ran into the water and caught the fish by the tail with his bear hand. As the fish tried to get away Davey pulled it out of the water and onto the beach to the applause of the life guards. Needless to say this is an incredible story on so many levels, but reminds us that we are in their water, not the other way around.
With fishing improving all should be going out and getting involved. Whether you want something exotic or the memory of a lifetime bending a rod on a bluefish this is a fun time of year to be fishing. And if you have caught plenty of fish, try something new….like noodling for bass or getting out on a paddleboard. Summer is supposed to be fun, full of adventure and smiles. We only hope we can help you make these moments happen. Come visit us for more specific advice if we can help.