Come on Fish!

  Posted on May 7, 2015

Our goal in sending out e-mails weekly is to provide you with information and hopefully teach everyone a little something. Here is the information for this week- no fish YET!! Yet being the operative word.  Anglers have worked hard- we have a few reports of people seeing fish, and even one of a fish hitting a sluggo- but none on a hook… Bait is here, the weather is good and the moon has pushed the fish up the coast- soooo…. it’s gonna happen soon.

So why has it not happened yet, when they caught fish on the Vineyard and the Cape over a week ago. Here is the part where we can hopefully teach you something.  Our fishery is so dynamic for numerous reasons, one of which is the influence of Muskeget Channel.  This body of water is deep and carries A LOT of water into the sound.  It runs all of the way from the south of the Vineyard up to Chatham.  This channel is acting like a wall of cold water, keeping fish on the warm side.  With temps in the low 60′s and light SW winds- warm water will break over the edge very, very soon…
In the summer, this channel works in our favor. It keeps our water cooler and provides more nutrients. This is what makes our west end so active and lets our Bass stay much active into early July.  So, even though we have to wait a little longer for schoolies to show up, we’ll benefit in the long run.  Patience is a virtue.  Go wet a line and be the first to catch a bass on Island!