The best laid plans

7/3/2019 - The Best Laid Plans

All day at work I watched the anemometer on the building next door. It barley moved. Between that and the tide setting up on the south shore, it looked like a great opportunity to play with my light rod on the south shore.

However, there was a problem. With Great Point closed to traffic and the 4th of July Holiday, those beached would potentially be filled with people. I would have to wait.

After work I went home, had some dinner, and layered up (long sleeve T-shirt and a light fleece, coupled with a heavier hoodie slung into my tackle bag for when the sun went down.

I left the house at 7.30, and as I it the dirt road to the beach, I passed 4 vehicles headed home. It looked like the beach would be less crowded.

Once on the beach there were were a couple of groups there, but no one was in the water. I could fish where I wanted. I walked about 50-yards away from the beach-goers and seyt up. The water looked great. Flat calm, but with a visible tide moving right to left. Any fish on top should stand out.

15-20 minutes in, I see breaking fish far off the beach. It's well beyond my cast, but a good sign. About 10 casts later, I'm rewarded with a swirl behind my Deadly Dick (had it been rougher water, I would have never seen it). However that's it

As the sky goes from pink to dark purple, I'm stuck. Aside from that one swirl, I've seen nothing else, but the water looks fishy, and the air smells of bait. Do I stay or go?

I stay.

The sun is down and it's dark. Sand fleas are crawling up my legs, and as they get above my knees, I think I may have an answer to the boxers vs briefs question. It's time to go.


I haven't seen any sign of life (even a passing seal) since that one swirl, and something explodes on my paddle tail in the wash. I come back. Go tight. Drag screams.


Light line breaks. Should have been more aware of my drag setting.

I stay for another hour. Neither see or feel anything, and head home.