Fishing Miacomet June 28th 2018


- 7 foot light rod

- rigged as an ultralight

Location: Miacomet

Time: 7.30-9.30


Arrived at the beach with almost no wind. The water was glassy. As I walked to the water I saw a swirl on the outer bar and assumed it was bluefish.since it was still pretty bright and over an hour to dusk.

Put on a Deadly Dick and fished it for about a half-hour. Saw some nervous water and made a cast. Immediately had a strike, but the fish was so small, that I skipped it across the surface and could not set the hook. Had a number of other solid chases, but never came tight.

About a half hour before sunset, I switched over to an Albie Snack, to see if I could find a striper. I lost the distance where I was getting hits from bluefish to gain more time for the lure in the space just beyond the break where the bass usually are.

Lost half of my first Albie Snack 20 minutes later to a bluefish, but after replacing it, a few casts later had a massive hit right in the wash.

By that time the light was fading, and the day's work was taking its toll, A few more casts and a couple of hits followed, but I needed to go home