Who We Are

The tradition continues…
When we bought Bill Fisher Tackle in the Spring of 2005, we had one thought in our minds, to keep the tackle shop alive. Like so many fishermen on Nantucket, we looked towards BFT as our “fishing home”. A place where we could walk in and find out the latest fishing report, pick up our favorite fishing plug, get a reel repaired, or simply enjoy some fishing conversation.

Rather than let the tradition that has supported so many Nantucket fishing enthusiasts die, we reached into our piggy banks and set out on a journey. In 2005, we never could have predicted the location that we would be in, the support we would receive or the pride that we all take in our “fishing home”. We have done our best to try and recreate the comfortable feeling for all Bill Fisher loyaltists all the while staying on top of current trends and information dissemination…

While we certainly hope that we can support you in regards to the equipment necessary to land the fish you seek, our true reward is when you come back into the shop and say “thanks for the advice.” We realized in our journey that our most valuable asset is not rods or reels, but us as people and the information we have. As owners we log over 2000 hours on the water each summer and we do not want to hide that information, but we want to share that information. We want all Nantucket fishing enthusiasts to know that we will never be shy about passing on information.

This website was created and updated to help us in this innitiative. On this site and in our shop you will always have access to where the fish are and our expectations. We will use Twitter, Facebook and our weekly report to keep you apprised. All we ask you in return is to get out on the water and make memories that will make Nantucket the place you long for in the depths of winter and Bill Fisher your Nantucket Fishing Home…

With all that said, get off this website, “unplug…” and go appreciate the simplicity that is Nantucket Fishing. Grab your son, daughter, sister, friend,father or mother, and head to your favorite beach and wet a line. But don’t forget to stop by Bill Fishers on your way to find out where the fish are and what they are interested in!

Tight Lines,
Corey, Nat, Mike, and Cam

It is our mission, to uphold and further the tradition of Bill Fisher Tackle. On the most basic level, we will continue to provide top quality equipment and advice to our customers and friends. We will also continue to foster an environment where people can come to talk about all things, fishing and otherwise. Our vision for the shop is as a place of business, yes, but a community exchange, as well.

Capt. Corey Gammill
Corey’s fishing background is like so many who have walked through the doors of Bill Fisher Tackle. His first bluefish was caught from Great Point with a stiff wind in his face and rain beating down on him. He was six years old. It was a typical “bluefish blitz”, for which Great Point has become famous. To make that day even sweeter, Corey’s twin brother Cameron caught his first saltwater fish within minutes of his younger brother. Ever since that day, it would be an understatement to say that the love of fishing runs in Corey’s blood.

As Corey was growing up, he spent the winter thinking about Nantucket’s waters, only to be satisfied with local ponds and rivers. He also looked up to his brothers who spent their college age years working on charter boats. At eighteen, when “of age” Corey made his way to Nantucket to work as a mate on the Just Do It Too. For six years, Corey worked on various boats downtown. During those years he mastered casting, wire-lining, trolling, bottom fishing, as well as gained experience offshore tuna fishing and fishing for sharks. In 2004, Corey was honored to be offered the opportunity to run boats for Capt. Tom Mleczko out of Madaket.

Corey worked for Tom until 2010 when he joined Squaretail Outfitters. Corey has operated squaretail since 2010 and still can be found chasing Stripers in the outer rips, looking for Blues along the south shore or when he is lucky looking for Tuna off shore.

On top of being an accomplished guide Corey is also the Fishing Director at Great Harbor Yacht Club. The position was created to help educate and involve GHYC’s members in the great fishing opportunities that surround Nantucket. This position aligns perfectly with Corey’s background as when he is not on the water he is a school teacher and coach.

Capt. Cam Gammill
Capt. Cam Gammill has been fishing The Nantucket waters all of his life. Growing up, his first love was beach fishing and he even spent two seasons as a beach guide before ever getting on a boat. (shh… beach fishing is still Cam’s primary passion.) Since then though, Cam has been working on boats for more than 12 years, 5 as a mate and 7 as a captain. Cameron’s time on the water leads to another great asset of Cam’s, his ability to connect with those around him. People are infatuated with his passion and energy and are captivated by everything he says. Lucky if these people are fishermen as Cam is very quick to share where he was fishing that morning.

While one might think that Cam’s full-time job is as a fishing guide, he works during “daylight” as a real estate agent at Fisher Real Estate. Be careful when working with Cam though- he’ll probably steer your towards homes that are closest to the fishing grounds and don’t try get his attention in the morning because that is his favorite time to be on the water. You’ll also quickly find that Cam loves any water based activity- especially frozen water based activities. In the winter time, Cam trades his boat in for a pair of skates and a hockey stick. He both plays and coaches actively. That being said, Cam makes sure to fish 12 months a year and has recently discovered the freshwater fishing on the island and is (pardon the pun) hooked…

There is no question that Cam’s happiness, (which leads to his general happiness and energy) can be traced to the support of his lovely wife Julie, three daughters, and of course his dogs Bass and Albie!

Cam grew up in New Canaan, CT and honed his fishing skills in the ponds focusing on large mouth bass. Cam migrated north to Newport and attended St. George’s School, where he would intermix schoolwork with a lot of Striped Bass Fishing. Cam then attended Colby College and one of his most memorable fishing experiences was fishing the Kennebec River and catching a large Brown trout on one cast and a keeper Striped bass on the next.

Capt. Nat Reeder
Captain Nat Reeder is the quintessential Bill Fisher Tackle Child. He was so enamored by Bill Pew and the Fishing world that he took his first “fishing” job working for Fishers in 1982. Two years later he started his “on the water” career working for Tom Mleczko as a Striker. 26 years later, Nat is still a staple in Captain Tom’s fleet. Nat is known around the Madaket docks for his friendly personality and his ability to chase fish “away” from the crowd.

Nat put his roots down on Nantucket in 1992 moving to the island and turned to Insurance to occupy his Winter Months. Nat is still a leading Insurance Broker on island and feels fortunate that he is able to wear both his insurance hat and fishing hat all summer long. In fact the best way for Nat’s clients to have a face to face meeting is to charter him.

Nat is a staple of the fishing community and even more importantly of the Nantucket Community. He is actively involved with Nantucket Youth Hockey and has three children, Samantha, Shane, and Max, who love their fisherman father. Nat is always supported by his caring and patient wife Leslee.