Fishing Report

  Posted on May 11, 2012

               Before talking fishing, there is a FAR more important message that needs to be posted. Bill Fisher Tackle has added a new member to our extended Family. At 8:00 Pm on Thursday May 10th Cameron, Julie, Neely and Bass Gammill welcomed a healthy baby girl by the name Morgan Bates Gammill.   We are all ecstatic for Cam and Julie!


                After Cam passed on the news last night he was quick to tell me last night though that yesterday morning he had already secured permission to go fish the end of the incoming tide last night (read 8: pm) . Fate intervenes in amazing ways…


                As for Fishing, we are still a few weeks ahead of schedule with bigger fish making their way into the shallows around the island. Keepers have been consistently caught in Polpis Harbor, in the edges of Nantucket Harbor, and in the high spots of the North Shore.  Traditional haunts are producing. On the North Shore anglers are having success by the rocks near the jetties and by Dionis Beach. Those walking the flats off of Eel Point and Jetties Beach are also experiencing success. To access these flats you simply need to go through the deep channel immediately near the beach. With cool water and a high sun, the day-time is a perfect time to be sight fishing. The sight fishing is only beginning so the best is ahead.


                In the Harbor, the end of the incoming tide continues to produce the best results, but of course, as we always like to say, is that you catch fish when you fish, not when you plan to fish. Simply get out there. The other upside to the harbor is that we have seen the first squid coming through. As many know, squid are a highly coveted bait by Striped Bass and often lead to an active fishery once they come in in full force. Water temp is 52 degrees (still a long ways to go to ideal!)


                While the North side of the island is producing the larger fish, the South Shore is still producing the quantity. It is not uncommon to hear of 6-10 fish outings on the South Shore over a couple of hour period. These fish are still smaller in size (which we love!) but with appropriate tackle they are fun and very rewarding. With high concentrations of fish around it is a good time to go to “new” spots and not just to your old favorite. Always be looking for irregularities in the surf as that is when you will likely find structure and fish. Also, any questions you have, come ask. We are open full-time and would love to see you!


                Again, we are so happy for Cam, Julie, and Neely!