Fishing Report

  Posted on May 25, 2012

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! The official start of summer is upon us.  At points in the winter, when we were in 5 layers and fishing with ice on Miacomet Pond, we never thought this day would come, but it’s here!


Sometimes we start this report off with generalities, today we will share a fun story:


This morning, a great friend of the shop poked his head in to say hi to Jeremy and asked briefly- “what’s going on?”  Jer, without hesitation said, “not much but there are fish at Cisco right now.”  The gentleman without flinching bought a big Ron Z and some pre-rigged Got Stryper’s and went on his way. An hour later he walked back into the shop with a giant smile on his face. It took 1 cast to land a 36″ inch fish and he had pics to prove it!


While we are not claiming the above as “the guarantee,” we are saying that fishing is good. It’s that time of year where fishing can be productive just about anywhere you are on Island.  Striped Bass are across the South Shore and can be had on bigger soft baits, swimmers and Bait.  The North Shore continues to produce at all points in the tide and Bluefish are also in the mix. The Harbor will be a bit trickier this weekend. Boat traffic will have an effect on these fish, so I would stay off the beaten track this weekend.  As to where to fish, go to your favorite spot and put in your time as there are enough fish around that with persistence will come results. Some might get a fish on their first cast, others might have to work, but in short, the fish are here. It is important to remember though while WE are enthusiastic about the early success of the fishery, that it is still earlier and you will have to work.


Most importantly in regards to information, come visit us in the shop and we will pass on the latest. There will be a lot of traffic out there on the beaches and we, as always, pass on information. We have already seen great numbers come in today and we expect that to continue.


As for Bottom fishing, it continues to be very good.  All of the usual spots are fishing well, including the wreck and the mooring field. We’ve seen Black Sea in excess of 5lbs- wow!  That is fun.  Sometimes these fish don’t get the support of avid anglers, but we’ve never taken anyone bottom fishing who has not loved it…  So come get some rigs, buy or catch some squid and have some fun.


While Memorial Day has morphed into a big party for many people visiting our small Island 30 miles out to sea, we hope that you take a little time to enjoy everything Nantucket has to offer.  While fishing is never predictable, we are getting into the best few weeks of the season. Go wet a line and have some fun!


Also as a treat to you- we’ve dug up this article from the NHA. It is a great, quick read and will give you a bit of perspective about the history of fishing on Nantucket.  We promise you’ll love it… I have already printed a copy for my fridge and would not be surprised to see others do the same!