Fishing Report

  Posted on June 8, 2012

Wind, wind and more wind was the theme of this week. We’ve had 4 days with gusts up to 40 knots- but things have settled down and we our fishery continues to be strong. This is very encouraging.  You see, when you have a fragile fishery, few fish or minimal bait, a weather event will often knock it out of sorts.  Considering fish were being caught despite the weather and after the weather, it’s proof that our

bass fishery is very good right now.



Yesterday was our first perfect day after the wind and anglers were rewarded. Specifically, we want to congratulate Linda Lynch who landed a 17lb + fish on the fly to break the women’s record at the Nantucket Anglers Club. That is quite a fish and quite a feat.  Capt Jeff Heyer was her captain on the trip and was impressed with her efforts from start to finish.


Fish continue to be in the usual haunts from the last few weeks. Specifically, we keep hearing great reports from the South Shore and the Eastern Shore.  While these fisheries go all season, for 2-4 weeks they can be “lights out” and some of reports indicate that it is time to spend some time in the surf.  Specifically, if you have the energy at night, you’ll be rewarded.  Inherently, Bass are nocturnal fish and are more comfortable feeding when it is dark. While it is not as natural for us, more and bigger fish cruise along the shoreline after the sun goes down. Remember when fishing these fish, be careful and don’t wade into the water too deep.  This fish are usually with the first 15 ft, so getting your feet wet, may be a disadvantage. Also remember, the slower the better. No need to rip your plug through the surf, crank as slowly as you can and wait for a gentle bump- that is when the fun begins!


Blues continue to be in the usual spot and Dionis, Madaquecham and the Point continue to produce in big numbers. Unfortunately, we’ve already received news that the Point is closed due to birds. While Great Point is one of our favorite fisheries, there are other areas of the Island that produce more consistent action and have just as much natural beauty.  With the closing of the point, we encourage everyone who loves it out there to explore different areas of the Island. We also want to remind you that while a portion of the point is closed MUCH of it is still accessible. We will remind you of this all summer. We and others last summer talked about the p[point itself being closed but much of the trustees land was accessible last summer and fished VERY well. We expect the same. Come ask us specifics to find out where it is closed and what you can still fish. What is typically GREAT this time of year is fishing the outside of Coatue from the shore. I tend to like to fish it in the afternoon evening, and than sneak to the points on the inside of Coatue at nighttime… If you have a free night this is a great adventure with your best fishing buddy.

Good luck, enjoy the perfect weekend and go wet a line. In our mind, it is the best time of year!