Fishing Report

  Posted on June 15, 2012

       In the words of my good friend Charlie, June 15th means Bass are around Nantucket.  To cut to the quick, Charlie is right. Fishing is Awesome right now.  Simply awesome… But first some BFT business to take care of. We are proud to announce The Nantucket Surf Series, a 8’6″ surf rod that was designed for Nantucket fishing.  It is classified for 1-3 oz lures and 10-15# line.  In short it is a replica performance wise of the OLD G Loomis Surf series infused with today’s technology and components.  It is awesome!  The above should be no surprise especially because it was designed by Gary Loomis himself who now works for Temple Fork Outfitters.  What is even more fun about the rod is that it is being called The Bill Fisher.  Besides this rod having a great name and performing fantastically, the reason we are so excited about it is that we have been hard pressed to find a rod that fits into this category.  It is strong enough in the butt to be a good surf rod, but the right size to also double as a boat rod. We have been looking for the perfect Nantucket Rod and we have found it.  Come and see it and let us know what you think.

Now onto the important stuff, fishing.  It is fair to say that the bass fishing is at its prime.  Old Man and the South Eastern rips continue to produce lots of bass that are big. MANY fish over 40 inches have been reported.  this fish are being taken on bombers, Ron Z’s and other jig heads as well as Big Sluggo’s and Pencil Poppers.  Pencil’s are my favorite as these fish are coming after squid on the surface and putting on a show… It is spectacular and so much fun to watch them put a display on the surface.

Bass are also being caught at Madaquecham and along the North Shore with some consistency.  These Bass are being caught on bait as well as Vision Lures and other plastics.  The Harbor has turned spotty during the day, many are still raising and hooking fish, but with less and less numbers.  Nighttime is a different story though. Nighttime in the harbor has been spectacular. Most reports we are hearing are from shore guys fishing small stuff very slowly or popping lures along.  Most people are going from the beach, but some are going from the boats.  If you take a boat, be very very careful.

Bluefish are still showing themselves, most notably on the North Shore at Dionis and Eel Point (40th pole)  These fish have become consistent and aren’t quite on ballistics yet, but are best caught using hopkins, kastmasters or deadly dicks.  Of course, any of the above can also catch bass as well, so be ready.

That is all for now.  Get out there, catch some fish and come into the shop and see our new rod. (Can you tell we are proud?!)     

       BTW, follow us on twitter @billfishers, we are tweeting reports daily.