Our good friend David Goodman has passed

  Posted on February 15, 2018
David Goodman:


Nantucket Island and its fishing community lost a great friend this week. David is known by most summer residents as the author of Inquirer and Mirror fishing column, The Fish Finder.  His insights were always diverse, thoughtful, honest and fun reads.  David was a fishing enthusiast who was as excited to fish the ponds of Nantucket as to be a striker on the boat for his dear friend Tom Mleczko.


While David’s contributions to the island’s fishing community are too numerous to count, one favorite that we love talking about was his introduction of the Pearl Bomber to Nantucket. David was off island poking around at a tackle shop and saw the pearl bomber and thought that it would be a great lure.  He brought it back to island, showed the lure to his friend Bill Pew and after catching numerous bass on that one lure, he convinced Bill to carry it at Bill Fisher Tackle.  Years later it would become and still is, the number one selling and producing lure used on the island for Striped Bass!  Thanks David!


Bill Fisher Tackle also owes an incredible debt to David as there is a real chance the shop would not have survived without him.  When we bought the shop in May of 2005, we were all active guides and we were scrambling for help.  David, at that time, was unable to tile (his day job) so he offered to work in the shop with us.  As David was one of Bill Pew’s closest friends and a long-time customer at the shop, there was no better person to help guide us through that first summer.  David since, has remained a close friend of BFT and we were very sad to hear of his passing this week.  David was always willing to give advice, was always willing to share fish stories, and he never shied away from a day on the water.  David will be missed by all of us.
A service will be held this Spring, in the meantime, please enjoy this fun video of David from years ago.  His smile is classic!

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