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July 25th Fishing Report

  Posted on July 26, 2015

July 25th Fishing Report

Wow, What a week! We do not know where to begin. Bass from the beach, Monster Blues in the chord, lots of fluke east, Bluefin Tuna and White Marlin South and beautiful weather. Those who got on the water this past week were lucky, we hope you were one of them and if not, make this coming week yours!

As much as we all love exotics, I am going to first tell you about my favorite moment this week. It was not the 60 pound Bluefin tuna on 15 pound test, Although it was amazing! or watching my twin brother and great friend jump a marlin(Also Amazing!), but watching my nephews catch so many 8-10 pound blues off the South Shore that when we started cleaning up and heading in they said with a smile as big as I have ever seen. Thanks, that was amazing. See the reason we fish is not to brag about the catch, but to connect with others, create memories and enjoy the gifts we were given. Our greatest gift on this island is two fold.

1) Diversity of fishing opportunities
2) The abundance of one of the greatest (yet underappreciated) game fish around…the bluefish.

Blues are all over the South Shore(airport to old man shoal), for town boats they just came into the Chord of the Bay yesterday and can be caught on the troll or even better on casting rods. Have plenty of lures and leaders however as the fish are big and there are a lot of them. There are plenty of blues as well off of Sankaty as well as in the rips around Tuckernuck. The Tuckernuck fish are smaller, but still plenty of fun. From the beach, assuming you can avoid the red tide, Low Beach and Sankaty are great spots as is Great Point.

As we eluded to in reports all week, we have had a fresh school of Bass move in along the South Shore. Surfers are reporting Bass in the waves and those fishing Miacomet and Madaket have reported bass off the South shore including a few in the 38-39 inch range. Tuckernuck fishermen have also had great success off the south and north shore this past week. While most are using artificials, clams and eels have been productive as well! It is important to note, that while there are more bass to be seen, that does not mean we are in the height of bass season. Most of the bass have moved on for the season, but those beach fishing at night and fishing the shallows around tuckernuck can still find them.

Fluke and Sea Bass fishing continue to be excellent off the East Side. This fishing is incredibly underestimated. Many love dinner fish, and while I am talking about more stripers in our waters, they are not automatic, while the bottom fish are a bit more predictable!

Why we buried the first Bonito so deep in this report, I don’t know, but a HUGE congratulations goes to our friend Clark Whitcomb who caught the first at Great Point this past week. With loads of sand eels around, we are all optimistic for the weeks ahead. Everyone going on the water should be prepared with yozuris and medals.
Lastly, offshore has been very good. We do not want to say it is lights out, but there are lots of opportunities for excitement. Most Nantucket fishermen have been focusing South of the island, while some have been going East of Chatham. East has produced bigger fish, although more inconsistent. South has seen plenty of 40-60 pound Bluefin on the troll as well as spinning rods. To catch these fish on spinning rods, you need to get on them as they are pushing bait. It is a challenge, but boy is it great fun. There have been lots of White Marlin as well. They are tough to catch, but even the chase is exceptional.