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August 20th Fishing Report

  Posted on August 28, 2014

We apologize about the delay of this report. The good news is that the delay has been caused by a very busy few weeks. True to form, August continues to be a month of a little bit of chaos mixed in with a lot of excitement.

Those who read the reports diligently know that this is the time of year that we talk about exotics, and this year is no different. While we have yet to see a Mako come out of the water on the bar (remember two years ago during shark week!), the bar continues to produce good bonito fishing. A typical day is 3-5 fish, although it feels like it is picking up as yesterday many boats reported double digits and Capt Bill Toelstedt of Bill Fisher Outfitters boated 17. His angler was none other than our favorite Zach Demuth. Remember that the Bonito Bar fishes best on an incoming tide although sometimes you can find scattered bones on a west tide. On an incoming tide the bait (sandeels) gets pushed into the bar and the bigger fish (bluefish too) school them up. It is exciting fishing, but please be mindful and smart when fishing outside the opening as there are many boats in a small area and the water can be tricky and dangerous. If you are unsure, call a professional or wait till a calmer day. The key lure continues to be the yozuri, blue and black, but the small pink bomber and black bomber have been producing as well.

A few bonito are still being caught at Great Point, more from the shore than the boat, but they are still around. Great Point has been producing big bluefish the last few days both in the rip as well as in the flat water. Try fishing the flat water on the upside of the tide, particularly on a west tide (outgoing) as the fish have been holding steady and it is way easier and safer to fish the flat water than the rough rip. That being said, daily we keep hearing about Bass coming out of the rip. Not huge numbers, but consistent reports (better than anywhere else on the island) so if Bass is your choice, fish Great Point rip, ideally in the morning. Over the next 5 days we will have an early morning east tide, which is typically very good for bass, so be a first light angler and see if you can’t get a squaretail to bend your rod.

Those targeting blues are also finding them off the south shore, off of the east side of the island and they are thick in old man shoal right now as well. While some think the bluefish numbers have thinned slightly, there are still plenty around.

Beach guys targeting blues should go to Great Point around a high tide in the morning or evening for the best results. Low Beach in Sconset is producing as well. Beach bass fishermen continue to be rewarded, if they have patience and persistence. Fish continue to be on the South Shore at Madequecham and Miacomet, but you need to fish into the evening and put your time in. It is worth it though.

Offshore, the eastern bluefin bite is improving while the southern bite has quieted a bit. The smaller southern bluefin are still around and possible to catch on the spinning rod and the troll. Time in the southern waters will also produce shark as well white marlin, if you target them appropriately and have the proper patience.

With September right around the corner, take advantage of the slower days and get out and fish. The albies should be here in the next two weeks, bass are thin, but soon to be returning, and we are blessed to be in the middle of bonito and bluefish season. Get out and wet a line.