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July 25th Fishing Report

  Posted on July 28, 2014

There were no barehanded fish caught this week, but on the whole it was a good week of fishing despite fog/rain/wind coming in occasionally throughout the last seven days. The key to the fishery right now is bluefish. A man we respect greatly says often “Thank Goodness for Bluefish” and this we agree with. Thank Goodness for bluefish. This has been a summer where many of us have worked hard for the fish we have caught and finally now the bluefish are in thick enough that we are able to enjoy catching more than fishing.

Those fishing from a boat have found the blues all over the South Shore from cisco to Madequecham and on the east side off of Sankaty Head Light as well as at Great Point. The north shore blues have slowed down, but lots of blues are filtering into the chord for those looking for easy to access fish from town.

As for blues from the beach, Cisco and Miacomet beaches have been steady producers all day long. The other steady continues to be great point. When at the point look for birds working, slicks forming or if stuck go fish the inside as close to the point as you can go. If you are hesitating whether you should pay the money to go to the point, pay it, you will not regret the decision. The seals are up there, but they have not been terrible yet.

The other highlight this week is that Smith Point opened to vehicles. Fishing has yet to turn on in Madaket, but those wishing Bass can work the inside of Esther’s island in the late evening/early morning. The other highlight of Smith’s point is that the birds are starting to work on the bonito bar. They are not thick yet, but with steady SouthWest wind, the bait should blow in and bonito should follow. One was already caught last week from 40th pole, so we hope more are right behind.

Those seeking Bass should focus on the harbor at night-time or in great point rip or off of Sankaty head light. Sankaty Light is producing Bass down deep so you either need a vertical jig or wire line. Those fishing at great point and wanting bass should fish the first light and work through the blues. Both tides are producing, but early morning is key. Fishermen willing to get out at night in the harbor will be rewarded. There are Bass there, but they are finicky and will only come out when the cool air arrives.

Those looking for alternative species should bottom fish. I know we say this every week, but the fluke and sea bass fishing right now is incredible. If you need more specifics come into the shop.

Lastly Offshore: There have been incredible moments of Tuna Fishing South of the island as well as lot of white marlin being seen and many varieties of sharks being caught. The issue is the constantly changing winds have mixed the bait around. This entire fishery need consistency to light up some of our exotic species.

But most importantly, we should all be thankful for bluefish and if you want to experience pure joy, take a child fishing and have them fight a blue. Especially if it is their first fish, it is a day neither one of you will ever forget.