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We are now open!

  Posted on April 26, 2014

April 24th Fishing Report

*Between now and Memorial Day we’ll be offering 10% off of every purchase of $100 or more!

Dear Fishermen and Friends,

Spring is in the air. The shop is full of new product and we are just waiting for the fish! We’ll be open this weekend and Friday, Saturday and Sunday going forward. Once the fish show up in full force, we’ll be open full time.

Speaking of open, the ponds have been opened, we’ve had a good push of herring and now we are waiting for the schoolies to show up. Predictably, they are late this year. As they say, patience is a virtue. If you head to the south shore, you’ll see birds working like crazy. We have some warmer water to the south, so once we have our first push of bass, they’ll likely stay for the season. We should also have mackerel in our waters any day now. This will satisfy those anglers who have the salt water itch.

For the anglers who enjoy fishing our ponds, the action has been consistent. There have been several reports of hold-over bass caught, including a handful of keepers. The pickerel fishing remains very good and crappie have turned on as well. Most of us equate Nantucket to a saltwater fishery for obvious reasons, but our fresh water fishery is fantastic and a great way to kill an afternoon!

When the bass finally show up, be prepared… Everyone always has aspirations to get their gear in order in the winter, but this rarely happens. We’d be happy to help you put new line on your reels, hooks on your lures or repair your rod. Please just stop by. Also, in an effort to prepare you for the season, we’ll be offering 10% OFF EVERY PURCHASE OF $100 OR MORE between now and Memorial Day weekend.

Enjoy the spring and stop by to say hi…

Tight lines,

Capt. Cam Gammill
Capt. Corey Gammill
Capt. Nat Reeder
Dr. Mike Ruby