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Albies are Here!

  Posted on September 19, 2013

Finally, it feels like fall and it’s fishing like fall. Albies are being caught consistently. Most of us thought that they may actually never show up in decent numbers, especially since the first fish was caught more than 3 weeks ago. But as they say, patience is a virtue!

Albies have been caught off of the beach at Great Point, on the boats on the east side of the Island, in Madaket, in Miacomet Rip and even at Old Man. No one is reporting great numbers, but we are hearing of individuals catch multiple fish. We are looking at consistent weather for the next weeks, so only expect this fishery to improve. So, if you have not made weekend plans yet- plan on being on Island and wetting a line, cause when you hook up to a False Albacore it is worth forgetting about everything else.

Bluefish continue to be a staple with big fish still on the east side of the Island and blitzes all across the Island. The blitzes are normally 4-6 lb fish and are they ever aggressive. Gotta love Nantucket Blues. Bass have also made their way back into our inshore waters. We are seeing more and more fish caught in the evenings and even during the day. Just recently, we’ve seen a couple of fish weighed in over 18 lbs and they’ll get bigger as we get later into the fall. Bass are back in the harbors and holding on bait in the rips. We are not seeing June numbers, but consistent action if you know what your doing.

Lastly, it seems as though Bonita are making their final push. While we have not heard of big numbers, there have been fish to be found all around the Island. Bonita were reported at Miacomet Rip, at the Bar, the hooter and Great Point.

Now that we’ve talked about the fishery and the excitement of the albies, let’s talk about the Nantucket Inshore Classic. This is a month long tournament focused on catching our 4 inshore species. All proceeds of the tournement go to benefit the Scholarship Fund and it is a great time. Talk to any angler who is fishing the tourneemnt and there is a buzz on Island. If you are thinking about wetting a line in the next month, definitley join, you’ll love it. Just stop by the shop for all of the info or click on this link .

It’s the best time of year, go wet a line and have some fun!