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Nantucket Fishing Report July 26th

  Posted on July 26, 2013

And….The wind continues…This is proving to be a summer of resilience…for fishermen and fish alike. We have been lucky that the fish have held on but now we need the fishermen to go make memories! Luckily we are looking ahead at great weather and with fish still active we look forward to what the week ahead holds for those that put their time in.

Last week we reported bonito being caught and we hoped this week the fishery would turn on.  Many of us spent a great deal of time on the bar and we all saw fish, but the bonito stayed elusive.  Bonito however have been caught on the Western Rips and the visuals on the bar prove they are here.  The bait is set up perfectly and many agree there is more bait and Terns than we have seen in years, so we are all optimistic with a stretch of good weather that the fish will start to produce consistently.  As we said last week with Bonito in our waters, we recommend beach fishermen find their way into the coatue/great point bend of the island as these fish tend to cruise the Galls shoreline at the same time they enter the West End.  Use Deadly Dicks from the Beach.  We also want to mention to all to be careful when navigating the opening in Madaket.  The channel is very different from last year, so make sure to do it first on a clear day.

From the boat bluefish are being caught consistently at the bar (mentioned above), at Great Point, along the East side of Nantucket and in Old Man Shoals surfing the waves. With the inundation of Sand Eels we have seen a strong push of 3-5 pound bluefish that are populating the above mentioned areas.  These fish are being caught on swimmers, poppers, ballistic missles and from the beach deadly dicks and hopkins have been working the best. What is fun about this inundation of smaller bluefish is that they tend to push closer to the beach providing some great beach fishing.

Early in the season from the beach we pushed you to fish the north side of Nantucket, now we encourage you to fish the East Side of the island.  Assuming you can avoid weed, the best beach fishing has been from Sconset all the way up to the point. Wauwinet and Great Point in particular have been fishing best.

We know many are weary about Great Point as the galls and the point are closed but the beachline that is open is VERY productive….Many Bass have been caught along the east side primarily in the early morning hours 5-7 am on both bombers as well as Metals.  These same Bass are still populating Great Point Rip primarily on an East (incoming) Tide for boat fishermen.  So if keeping a bass for dinner is your goal, fish great point hard and while there are no guarantees patience and persistence should reward.

Those interested in targeting Bass primarily should be prepared to run as the water temps are warming up dramatically with temps being reported on the North Side in excess of 80 degrees.  There is still some high 50 degree water in the Eastern Edges and these edges are still seeing some squaretails.  We remind you though of the law that you can not keep fish caught outside the 3 mile line.  If you have any questions about this do not hesitate to come see us in the shop.

Lastly, if you have kids who are interested in getting involved in fishing we encourage you to learn a lesson from the Benedict Gang.  Get your kids fishing the harbor. There are thousands upon thousands of premature (2-3 inch) bluefish in the harbor that are feasting on pond lures. You can easily adjust your rig from pond lures to squid and a small weight and catch scup.  Harbor fishing for kids and adults alike is great fun, great entertainment and produces a variety of species that will keep all entertained.  If you are wondering how to get started come see us and ask.  But most importantly go fish.  This next week should be great with warm water and consistent weather.  Who knows what you will catch…