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Fishing Report

  Posted on June 10, 2013

Dear Fishermen and Friends,

A fishing client of mine once told me that weather goes in seven day cycles.  I always thought he was crazy, but when you start to think about, he was probably right.  If anybody thinks back 4-5 weeks, the weather on Friday and Saturday has been trying. Let’s hope this e-mail serves a curse breaker and everyone can tell me- your wrong next week, cause I’d love a bluebird, wind free Friday and Saturday…  
Having said this, everybody who has talked to me about fishing in the rain and wind always say the same thing. The first five minutes stink, but once you get used to the conditions, the fish are often extremely active.  Our beach fishing over the last week has been excellant!  Bass are still all across the south shore. Fisherman have generally enjoyed more success to the east of Miacomet Rip.  Madaquecham and Fisherman’s seem to be the hot beaches in the evenings.  Guys are using bigger swimmers and large soft baits and having a lot of success.  The calmer waters on the north shore and in the harbor continue to be extremely active.  These are the areas I would focus on in the next two days with winds up to 40 mph.  Remember to fish below the surface when there is a chop on the water. If fish can’t see your bait, they won’t eat it.  Savage is a new plug that we are carrying and it is a hybrid between a soft bait and a jig. It’s been very effective.
From a boat, the rips are still slow. Reports continue to to trickle in that Bass are being caught, but not in great numbers. The biggest issue is the lack of bait. There are squid further offshore and we are still early in the season based on water temperature.  We’re confident by next week’s report there will be a lot more activity. Speaking of activity, bluefish are here and thick. Capt Carl and I were on the south shore and saw a sight neither of us had seen before.  There were 10′s of thousands of fish just sitting on the surface.  We see small pods of fish do this all of the time, and they are usually coming to the surface to warm up because there is little bait there.  With 59 degree water and a hot sun, almost everyone of these fish yesterday had their dorsal fin out of the water, for acres if not miles- it was cool…
We are a full week into June and it’s our opinion that the next three weeks are the best the best for fishing Striped Bass around Nantucket.  Angler’s from the shore will get their bounty during the day, evening and night and the rips will light up in the next week or two.  We have seen squid in the harbor at night as well, so this will be a fun activity as part of date night- I’m serious… Try it.
Despite the weather, go wet a line, you won’t regret it and if you ever have questions, feel free to stop by or give us a call.  
Go Bruins!