Nantucket Fishing Report June 28th 2013

  Posted on June 28, 2013

Yet another report is greeted by another storm…Oh well, as we say to our kids all the time, grow resilient to conditions you can not control and your opportunities will be great.  Despite a windy and foggy week both beach fishermen and boat fishermen have had the luxury of bending rods.  With the inundation of bluefish along the south shore (east of Miacomet Rip) and flowing into Old Man shoal the boat fishermen have mostly been catching bluefish on the southern Nantucket edges.  Those fishing the southeastern rips have found Bass mixed in, especially when fishing leadheads deep on the edge.  The other success on the southeastern corner of the island has been fishing deep divers in the rip and waiting out the tide and fishing the slack.  Often when Bass are competing with blues they wait for the tide to ease, the blues to move on and they will come up after presented lures.


Great Point has produced mostly blues and not heavy numbers yet.  The southern shore fish and the offshore smaller fish that typically come to Great Point are slow arriving.  What’s also slow arriving this year is the typical run of bass at Great Point.  This is not a huge surprise as Bass have been late all year long, so we are expecting a surge of Bass to come into the rip in the next week. When this happens focus on fishing the early morning east tide that should start middle of next week.  Our prediction on bass at Great Point in the next week comes because the rips east of Nantucket have lit up in the last week with lots of fresh fish all carrying a ton of sea lice.  What this means is that the fish are fresh and often the fish will come in shore chasing bait, especially after an east wind.  Remember if you do fish East of Nantucket, check weather conditions and make sure you know where you can and can not keep fish.  There are lots of squid around as well as  a lot of peanut bunker so pick your lures appropriately.  We have found darker flies and darker lures out producing the pearl and yellows. Red has been a particularly hot color.

Closer to shore bass can still be found in the harbor and on the shores of eel point and coatue although these fish are smaller and thinning out.  If you are a fly guy fishing from the beach, eel point has been productive. Ideally though if you can make the drive to coatue and fish the break with crab patterns, do it. Other good fly fishing has been had in the evenings inside the West Jetty as well as off of Pocomo.

The most productive beach fishing continues to be the South Shore though.  There are lots of points and breaks and still a lot of keepers to be caught.  They are thinning out a bit so it will take more patience than a few weeks ago, but some good company and a good attitude can leave a happy person at the end of the night.

Bottom fishing, especially for Fluke recently has been great.  Captain Bill of Nantucket Outfitters has done numerous fluke trips in the last week with great success.

As more people come on our lovely shores let’s all remember to be considerate of each other.  No one owns a piece of the water we are simply using it and we should respect others…  Work together and we will all benefit and please do not forget to get your fishing license. The environmental police are out there searching you out!  Come into the store and we will walk you through the process as well as show you all of our great inventory.

Our final plea is don’t let the weather scare you.  Be safe for sure, but fish feed in the rain and wind too and maybe your child’s first memory will be the same as Cameron and Corey’s when each caught their first bluefish in 20 mile an hour wind and rain from Great Point.  Thanks Hugh Halsell for turning the boys onto their passion!


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