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  Posted on May 31, 2013

If you are a fishing addict and love catching Striped Bass, it is the best time of year to be on Nantucket.  All of Nantucket’s inshore fisheries are clicking. Whether on the boat or on the beach, fishing around shorelines is exciting and fun.  It is not quite at full-tilt, but it is very good and the fish are very fresh and acting that way.  A few fish have made their way to Great Point Rip and the Western Edges but the majority of action is tight to shorelines where bait is plentiful and waters are warmer.


The Harbor and North Shore of Nantucket(Dionis and 40th pole…) are providing the most consistent action.  Both can be drifted by a boat or even better waded from shore. These fish are very active in the shallows and are attacking top water plugs. Captain Corey hooked one fish this week that exploded out of the water akin to a bluefish chasing a ballistic.Pay enough attention and you will literally see fish cartwheel for a plug. We’ve had a lot of fun with small pencil poppers and sliders. Both of these top water plugs seem to get the bass fired up.  Having said this, softbaits are still the safest bet in this fishery. You can fish soft baits any number of ways, but we’ve had the most success fishing these rigged texas style with a slow-medium retrieve and distinct twitch.  The best part about soft baits though, are how versatile they are. With the wind this week, it was more difficult to get the fish to see any top water action, so Capt. Cam weighted the soft baits and had them down in the water column and this produced results.  We also have a great customer who fishes soft baits as fast as he can and swears by this method- see what works for you… Surprisingly to some/not surprisingly to others, despite the wind, fishing remained strong in the past days.  The trick as mentioned above was getting the fish to find the bait with all the disturbance. Once you increase the splash, put the rig deeper or put a bigger plug on, anglers found that the fish were still hungry.  Hungry fish should remain for a few weeks as the Bass are hungry from the migration.


The South Shore of Nantucket has been red hot at times this week and we expect this to keep up. We had a very good customer go during his lunch hour and caught 8 fish, one of which was 37″. That’s a pretty good lunch hour, we just don’t know if he actually had time to eat.  In all seriousness though, there is a lot more bait on the south shore of Nantucket than the north and it’s no wonder these fish are so active. If you are new to fishing the surf, be smart and don’t fish when the waves are too big.  If you are comfortable though, find the deep holes and work them.  Fish have been taken on bigger surface plugs (danny boys…), swimming plugs, (Savage Manic) and bigger soft baits (Willy’s!!!)

Considering the events of the past week(there had to be two rescues including one person stranded by the tide…), we always want to stress safety first. Know the tides, have a water proof communication device on you and let someone know where you are. If you have any safety concerns or preparation questions before heading out, please stop in the shop and ask us questions.  We look forward to hearing your stories and helping you to get on the water.


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