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Fishing Report

  Posted on November 17, 2012

As the Nor’Easters and Hurricanes have blown through and our ocean fish have started to migrate south, we have switched gears and having a blast fishing the ponds.  With the warmer days and the cooler nights, pond fishing has been a riot for anglers of all ages.  If you typically focus on Saltwater, it is worth changing gears and trying your luck in the Ponds. Long Pond and Sesachacha are actually holding Stripers along with big perch. Pickeral and Perch continue to be very active in Miacomet and Washing Pond and all of the other ponds on the Island will continue to provide bent rods and tight lines. If you are here over the next few weekends, we’ll be open all day Friday and Saturday to help with your pond fishing needs and Christmas Gifts.  Three Special products that we’ll be offering for the Holiday are:


1.     A Red BFT T-Shirt  with green writing.  (VERY COOL!)We also have hats and white tees available…


2.     A Bass Box filled with Bombers, Metals and all the lures needed for bass fishing For $50 – this box is filled with the “staples.”


3.     The Lure of The Month Club.


$180- The Lure of the Month Club is a NEW idea and the concept is just like wine of the month or beer of the month.  We will send you or yours a new lure every month.  Included with the lure will be short instructional about how you might use the lure, and what species you might target with it.



And Most importantly, with the change in weather, and Christmas trees now lining Main Street we want to say Thank You for another wonderful Season.  Bill Fisher Tackle’s 49th season and our 9th season as owners was our most successful yet.  Over the last nine years we have worked VERY hard to make fishing an easy, fun, and headache free experience for our customers.  We have tried our best to ALWAYS provide you with the most up-to-date information and products that will allow you to maximize your precious time on the water.  You all make this business fun to run and your constant stories, pictures and smiles are reward enough to keep going.  So with that Thank You!


We have another major thanks to give this season as well and that is to Jeremy, Dave, and Noah.  Jeremy, Dave, and Noah have become known by you all for their friendliness, can do attitude and their willingness to share their immense fishing knowledge.  We hope when you see their friendly faces around town this winter or next season that you too will say thank you for all the work they put forth in helping to maintain Bill Fisher’s tradition.


Our final thanks goes to the fishing gods…!  The 2012 season was amazing for many reason.  The weather was perfect, we only lost one day due to wind! It was one of the best Bluefin seasons in memory. We also had our BEST Falsie season, maybe ever.  These speedsters were large and came in large numbers, often mimicking the south shore bluefish battling for a deadly dick. While moon tails are fresh on the mind, squaretails were the story of May and June and they were big and plentiful with a phenomenal squid run.  The stories from the South shore beaches at the beginning of the season always made us run and grab my pole after work and head down to point of breakers or cisco.  While many of you lust for the exotics mentioned above, at the least we are sure you have bluefish to thank for wonderful memories from the summer.  IN the words of Fred Tonkin “Thank God for Bluefish.” They always entertain, can bring a smile to anybody’s face and can make a long day on the water worthwhile.


Thank You AGAIN for ALL your support!