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Fishing Report

  Posted on October 5, 2012

We’ve settled into the Fall and are still enjoying the fishing.  One day will be spectacular and the next day, you’ll wonder where the fish went.  Great Point and the Harbor continue to be our area’s of consistency. 

Albies are still all around the Island.  Targeting these speedsters from the beach seem to be more productive than from a boat in the last week, but of course there are exceptions to the rule.  We’ve had huge pods of Albies off of the point on a west tide, in the opening in Madaket and south of Tuckernuck.  These fish are becoming a bit picky and focusing on soft baits and smaller metals. Ron Z’s have not disappointed yet...  Capt Corey and Capt Cam had a 30 fish day last weekend and then Capt. Cam was skunked two days later, so it is unpredictable.  As with any fishing, put your time in and you’ll be rewarded.  From the beach, the entire east side of the Island has these speedsters cruising up and down the beach.  Sconset, Crow’s Nest and the Point have been the most consistent.  These fish are also still prevalent in the inside of the Galls. 


Speaking of the East Side of the Island, Scott Whitlock had the unique experience of seeing a seal being attacked. With the commotion on the water and the chunks taken out of the seal, the only conclusion was that a Great White had attacked this seal, especially since a tagged shark has been looming around the Island recently.  There is no doubt these fish are feeding on Seals and Albacore, so be cautious not to wade in too deep.


Bluefish continue to be steady, but we have not seen too many big fish.  That may change this weekend with the “Cranny,” a great tournament put on by the Angler’s Club that targets bluefish for two days all over the Island.  We tend to get incredible reports after this weekend, because anglers are looking to set themselves apart.  Speaking of tournaments, the Inshore Classic is still running for another week. Just stop by the Angler’s Club to sign up.  All proceeds go to a great cause and the last week has historically produced the most winning fish.


Striped Bass are back in our waters.  Time spent in the harbor during the day or at night will produce fish.  Focus on the evening during the outgoing tide and you’ll sure to be rewarded.  There are also big fish in big numbers along the south shore and east side of the Island.  We’ve heard of guys catching 8-10 fish in a couple of hours in some of these deeper holes.  Swim big soft baits or slow swimming plugs for the best action.  


Lastly, Scallop season is now open.  Remember to get a permit at the police station.  Target these shell fish at low tide in Madaket, Monomoy or Pocomo, where ever eel grass is abundant. Remember, they will need to be 2.5 inches or need a growth ring.  So far, scalloping has been very, very good! We have a ton of waders at 1/2 off at the shop if you need a pair this weekend. We are enjoying August weather in October, so hopefully everyone will have a chance to get on the water. It is an absolutely beautiful time of year out here!