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Fishing Report

  Posted on September 21, 2012

It’s September, but it’s starting to feel more like October.  We’ve had a lot of wind this past week and it has been all around the dial.  This wind has only helped the False Albacore fishing. 

We have never seen Albie fishing this good or this consistent. For over a month, these typically elusive tiny tuna have showed themselves consistently.  This week has been the best so far and we see this continuing.  The beach fishing is finally awesome!  I’ve heard of individuals catching 6-8 Albies from the beach.  The fish are being taken on the east and west side of Great Point and have mainly been targeted with metals. The guys on the fly have done very well from the beach as well. Generally, the more water around the point, the better…  Fish the beginning of the falling tide. The best news is that it appears to be just the beginning from the beach. Uncle Hugh, who is a constant supporter of the shop, always takes the first week in October off, as he consistently feels it is the best Albie fishing of the year.    Fishing from the boat- Albies are simply everywhere.  Madaket, the bell buoy, the jetties, the eastern rips and Great Point have all had unbelievable surface action, and the best part is that these fish are eating, not just showing. It is not rare that we hear people catching more Albies than Blues- Wow! Hopefully you can hear the excitement in our voices, if you love catching these speedsters- it’s time wet a line!


Bass continue to move back into our waters, but slowly. If you know where to fish, you’ll be rewarded (stop by and ask…).  The harbor and the rips are producing day-time fish. Slow moving surface plugs and soft baits seem to be the best bet.  At night- the eastern shore and the harbor have been very consistent. The south shore has been too big with these southern swells to fish- but the Surfers are enjoying their time on the water!


Bluefish are still here but are slowly moving off.  Typical of this time of year, we have small fish and very, very large fish, but not much of the in-between.  These fish are active in the rips, in Madaket and on the east side of the Island.  It’s not like August, but if you are looking for action, there is still plenty of it.  The smaller fish- 1-2 lb’s are delicious eating if eaten the same day. The meat is very light and mild.


Sorry this is so short, but we’re running out to chase the Albies. In just a few weeks, this incredible action will be nothing but a memory.  Go have fun and wet a line!