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Fishing Report

  Posted on August 31, 2012
We have seen the Island start to empty out, but those who have stayed are witnessing some of the best weather and fishing of the season. These 70 degree days, with low humidity must mean it’s fall… and we all know what fall means- Albies! 

Yes, Albies are in our waters two weeks earlier than normal and they are huge!  We’ve heard reports of Albies caught that were weighed in at 17lbs- wow! Dave, who is one of the mainstay’s at the shop, was out at Great Point last week, and had a fish hit, that doubled down his rod and ran… Unfortunately it broke his 30lb braid, but there is no question that it was a False Albacore.  We’ve had more success with these fish from the boat so far this year. They are in the eastern and western rips, and have been caught close to the beach stretching from Smith Point, into Sconset and at Great Point.  Very few fish have been caught on the inside of the Galls, where we see most of our shore fish caught, but this might be because these fish are so big and that water is so skinny.   
Bonita are still around, but in much fewer numbers. The edges continue to hold the most bonita these days and some big one’s are being weighed in.  George Hadley weighed in a fish at 8lb 11oz. last week which would have been the biggest of the season at the Angler’s Club.  The bar is all but done, unless you are focused on a ridiculous amount of Bluefish.  Speaking of which, these fish are getting bigger and bigger and Capt Bill weighed in a Bluefish off of Sconset that weighed 18lbs. Bluefish continue to be a great target and if you are focused on smaller blues, adjust your gear accordingly and you’ll have a blast.  
Bass are back in our waters and have become very active at night.  Try big soft baits (Willy’s is a local plug which works great!), slow swimming plugs or live bait and you’ll be rewarded. Make sure the tide is moving and that you are fishing deeper water.  We also continue to see bunker inshore, which means these fish can be very active. Yes, fall is in the air!
It is the rare time of year where you can target and catch all four species in a day.  Capt Cam was fishing with a couple of old friends this week and they managed to catch a 15lb Albie, 32″ Bass, 14lb bluefish and 6 lb bonita all on an East tide. It’s not often that we see anglers realize a Grand Slam in our waters, but it’s that time of year…
We continue to have Tuna in the waters to the east of the Island. Just look for the whales, find the bait, use the proper equipment and you will be in good shape.  Make sure the drags are set right, because there are some big fish mixed in…  Last week, we also had a great push of water in the high 70′s and a ton of Mahi were caught very close to the Island. The East wind this week broke up all of that water, but it would not shock us to see this again this season with some sustained southwest winds.
Go wet a line- it’s the best time of year!!!