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Fishing Report

  Posted on July 20, 2012

While many of us have experienced “wind days” this week, some of us have been out there making sure the fish haven’t left us!  Luckily they are still there.  And actually excitingly enough, a number of bass were caught along with bluefish and bonito in the last few days.  Often we wish we could control mother nature, but its mother nature in all of her bizarre glory that tends to throw kinks into the fishery which make it different and exciting every-time we are out there. 


Anyway, we have been battling high winds, but in battling those high winds we have also had some great fishing.  Bonito continue to be the #1 target and while they can occasionally caught at Great Point, the majority of these fish are being caught at the bonito bar on the east tide.  Numbers are fairly consistent at a couple of fish per hour.  It is important to remember with these fish to be patient.  They come in schools and often when you get one a second is close behind.  Make sure everyone does not stand around admiring as there is likely more fish waiting for you.  The number one lure continues to be the Yozuri. People debate colors, I have been using Black, but try others and see what works for you.  Still others prefer the L Jack and some even prefer the Deadly Dick.  If you are fishing at the bar don’t be afraid to throw a heavy jighead down to the bottom as there are bass hanging underneath.


As for bluefishing, the big blues have left us to spawn, so expect all bluefish you catch to be in the 3-6 lb range.  They are all over both the west end as well Great Point and down the eastern shoreline tight to the beach.  The south shore has very few fish as most of these fish are offshore. The small bluefish are plentiful and are great fun with appropriate tackle and with younger fishermen.  These smaller fish are also being caught with great consistency from great point, madaket and The northern eastern shore beaches.


Bass were caught this week from the Eastern beaches  at dusk and into the night.  They were taken on both soft plastics and bombers and one on a Pencil Popper. Bass were also caught from the boat at Great Point, on both tides, and in the western edges.  Obviously this wind has shaken up the water and most likely it was the north wind on Wednesday that blew the bait into our shores, either way go get them!


As for offshore, We can not wait to see the shake out of all this wind, many of us are optimistic that the Tuna will be back South and East and we only hope that the Marlin have stuck around.  There will surely be boats out early in the week next week and we will keep you all apprised of what we learn.  Fish don’t leave over night, so if you are planning on spending any siginificant time up on island you should think of dedicating a day to see what offshore can hold.  As I always say, the best part of going offshore is that “you never know what you are going to see…”


Bottom fishing continues to be a great activity with LOTS of big black sea bass and fluke around.  This should be a must for anyone looking for a casual day on the water.

We look forward to hearing your stories and hopefully seeing your pictures,


Go wet a line and have fun!