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Fishing Report

  Posted on June 29, 2012

      Weeks of East wind and cold water made Bass fishing amazing through June.  In the last week, we’ve seen consistent Southwest winds (Typical for this time of year) and we’ve seen our water temperatures increase steadily all week. I’ve been fishing Great Point off and on for two weeks, and in this time we’ve seen water temps increase 5 degrees due to the influx of warmer water.  We’ll continue this trend for the next week and bigger swells will also help push this trend… What does warmer water mean?  We’ve already seen, Pilot whales off of the beach, a logger head turtle, oceanic sunfish, tons of jelly fish, and yes, the great whites are back off of Chatham.  We are about a month ahead of schedule, so it feels like we will jump start July.  We’ve seen Tuna and sharks being caught and have even had reports of Bonita off of the Vineyard and it’s still June. We are about to have a bizarre but exciting summer, so be ready for anything.


Fishing this morning off of the Point, we landed several bass early before the tide really kicked in and blue fish were everywhere- and this is pretty much the theme for the week.  Blue are everywhere!  It is fourth of July and these fish are a riot to catch- so get your leaders ready and enjoy the action.  Saying this, there are still plenty of Bass around, you just have to work a little harder.  Off the beach, expect to go in the evening or at night.  All area’s of the Island are still producing. My favorite story of the week is from someone fishing the harbor. Off of 1st point, when the sun faded behind the horizon, over a hundred fins popped to the surface and were cruising.  It turns out these fish were on the worm hatch and became very active once it became dark.  
Bluefish are in the usual haunts. They are all over the surface in the Chord of the Bay, along the rip at Great Point, on the Eastern shore and all along the shore- accessible from the beach and the boat.  These fish vary from 3-12 lbs and are worth the price of admission. As a client of mine said this morning, “I know that Stripers get all the fanfare, but I’d much rather catch a bluefish.”  And he’s right, these fish are aggressive, will put on a show and very accessible.


Bass are still in the eastern rips, but be careful in the next few days as the swells will make these rips big.  Also remember, if you are outside of three miles, that is federal waters and you are not allowed to keep striped bass.  Along the beach in the evenings and nights are the best times to catch Bass around the Island these days.  Cisco, Madaquecham and Squam are all producing when the tide is moving.  Use a swimmer or a larger soft bait and you’ll be in on the action.


Bottom fishing is red hot and time well spent!  All along the eastern shore is producing and you’ll eat well.  A lot of people use spinning rods to target these species, but you may miss a lot of bites doing this.  If you have a conventional reel and a shorter rod, this will help you increase your catch. We are happy to help you with this.


Get out there and wet a line and have a happy fourth!



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